Whimsical Dialogues for Upper Level Classes


  • On Monday, give the students the English dialogue. Do not give them the Spanish version.
  • Each day, put the Spanish example on the smartboard before the students have practiced.
  • Working with different students every day of the week, the students should first read the Spanish version out loud to each other.
  • When everyone has finished acting out (reading aloud) the Spanish example, the Spanish example should be removed from the smartboard.
  • In the same groupings, students now should try to reenact the conversation following the English dialogue.
  • At the end of the week put the Spanish example on the smartboard. The Spanish enactment (mp3) can be played while the students read along.
  • Taking it further:

  • Challenge students to continue the dialogue each day as they practice speaking.
  • Have students write a continuation of the dialogue or create a story around it.
  • Students can write a 5 question quiz based on the dialogue.
  • Tell students to draw a storyboard based on the dialogue and describe it to the class using Spanish.
  • Allow students to create a video based on the dialogue.
  • Terms:

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  • Downloads (right click, save file as, to download):

    At the pool Word doc
    At the pool mp3

    At a restaurant Word doc
    At a restaurant mp3

    A great day for a picnic Word doc
    A great day for a picnic mp3

    At the library Word doc
    At the library mp3

    At a pet store Word doc
    At a pet store mp3

    At a zoo Word doc
    At a zoo mp3

    Disneyland Word doc
    Disneyland mp3

    What! A volcano Word doc
    What! A volcano! mp3

    Riding in a car with a friend Word doc
    Riding in a car with a friend mp3