List - This is simply a list of the vocabulary practiced. This can be copied and distributed to the students. You should create an action for each picture and practice the words with actions in class.

Pictures Flash - This is a classroom activity to use on a Smartboard. This simply flashes the pictures randomly on the screen. The teacher should say the word and the students should repeat. It will slowly speed up. If it gets too fast, simply exit and restart it. It can be a fun challenge to keep up.

Pairs Activity - This is a simple pairs activity for classroom use. Each time you mix the pictures a unique set is created. This way you can help prevent the students from listening to the person next to them. One student has the pictures without the text, the other has both. The student with the answers should say, "Foto Número 5." The other student simply identifies the picture. The student with the answers should give immediate feedback or assistance if the answer isn't known. Once they have gone over all the pictures, they should trade cards and do it again. Each time the mix button is used, a number increments and at the top of the page and it will say, "Trabajo con número ?". If you need 10 sets, make them all at once so it's easy to find partners. If you need extra sets later, mix up the pictures to the number you need before you print. For example, using the mix button 10 times gives you, "Trabajo con número 10."

Bingo - This is a modified bingo card for classroom use. Each time you print you get one card. Use the mix button to create a new card. You should use full sentences when playing bingo. Students cover the pictures as they hear the words.

Quiz - This is a multiple choice quiz using the vocabulary.

Why this vocabulary?

Some of the vocabulary is based on books published by National Geographic School Publishing with Hampton Brown. (Pan y Canela, Collection C) These books are overpriced , but they last for years and add some easy reading for early levels. You can buy individual books, or sets.

The lecturitas vocabulary is based on some reproducible books published by Guerra Publishing. These are very economical.

Here is some additional info for Lecturitas 1.

Other vocabulary will be added from Realidades and random thematic vocabulary.