Smartboard Verb Tense Soccer Game

Goal: Practice verb tenses

The instructor should review the verb tenses before the game.

How to play:
  • Split the class into two groups.

  • One student from each team stands on each side of the smartboard.

  • Decide which team starts.

  • The starting team clicks on the "goles" sign at the top of the screen.

  • I usually let each student answer two questions before rotating to be more efficient with time.
  • Once a team is chosen to start a multiple choice question will appear at the bottom of the screen.

  • An arrow will also appear at the top of the field showing the direction the ball will move.

  • In the black bar at the bottom of the playing field the tense name will also appear. This is important because sometimes more than one option will correctly fit into a sentence. The correct answer can't be chosen if students don't know what tense they are looking for.

  • For some present tense and preterite tense verbs, the nosotros form is the same, so two options might appear that are exactly the same. If it's the correct answer it doesn't matter which is selected.
  • If an incorrect answer is chosen the turn automatically switches to the other team.

  • If a correct answer is chosen, a kick button appears near the bottom of the screen.

  • The student uses the kick button to see how far the ball goes. This is completely random.

  • If a score is made, the turn moves to the opposite team and the score is shown under "goles"

Click here for Game 1: Present indicative, present progressive, preterite, imperfect

Click here for Game 2: Present indicative, preterite, imperfect, imperfect subjunctive