Flyswatter Game

Around my area this game used to be called the flyswatter game. It was played with images projected on the wall with an overhead projector. Students used flyswatters to swat the correct picture based on what the teacher said. I've adapted this game to the smartboard.

The teacher gives a clue in a sentence.
The first student to touch the correct picture scores a point.
Two students at a time have a chance to touch the correct picture. You can play (one-on-one, friends) best of 3 out of 5, or as teams.
Keep track of the score on your whiteboard.

How this works:
There are 20 vocabulary pictures in each game. Twelve are randomly chosen and mixed. They are placed on each team's playing side but not in the same location.
When a picture is touched, all the other pictures disappear, telling you instantly who was first.
If students happen to touch the screen at the same time with pictures that are side-by-side, nothing happens, and they need to touch the picture again to be first.
If students happen to touch the screen at the same time with pictures that are far apart, the smartboard will move the mouse curser to the middle, choosing an incorrect picture. This is simply a tie and a null question, not giving points to anyone.
If a student touches the wrong picture first, they should lose a point.
Students should have a place to stand, preferably not directly in front of the screen, and not be allowed to step forward until they have heard the entire clue.



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